How to buy tickets

1.- Select the match for which you wish to buy tickets and click on BUY TICKETS

2.- Select the seating zone for which you want to buy tickets. By placing the mouse over the selected area you will see how many seats are available. If the zone appears greyed out it means that we no longer have seats available in that particular area.

3.- Click on the seats you want to buy, choosing from the ones coloured green which are still available

4.- Once you have selected all the seats, click on the green button MAKE PAYMENT

5.- Fill in all your details, check them and then click on PAY to make payment

6.- Once the payment has been validated you will receive an SMS with a link to download your tickets onto your phone so you can access the stadium without having to print them out and at the same time you will also receive an email with your tickets as a PDF so you can print them if you wish.